Alphabet book of breathing for children


This fun and engaging book introduces young children (and adults) to easy-to-learn and effective breathing techniques. Each character has their own personality and shares a basic breathing exercise to bring relaxation, balance or energy. Science shows us how important activating our relaxation system is for mental and physical wellbeing and the role of conscious breathing in supporting this wellbeing. Although breathing is an automatic function, it is also the only function in the body which we can override to change the way we feel.

This book can be used in the home, classroom, consulting room, or individually. The techniques are explained so that a child can follow the instructions and are supported by the illustrations. Reading this book to a child provides an opportunity for bonding while integrating a lifelong skill for both adult and child.

Join Ziggy, Coco and Bodhi as they share how they calm themselves, get rid of excess energy and improve their concentration and focus by going through each letter of the alphabet.